At Home

At Home

INSIGHTS has been empirically validated in research studies. The results are compelling. As the following graph shows, INSIGHTS, when compared to a reading program, significantly reduces the behavior problems of children with serious behavior problems, including ADHD (the top of the graph). INSIGHTS also reduces minor annoying behavior problems that most kids exhibit at one time or another (the bottom of the graph).

Parents report that INSIGHTS significantly:

Treats children with ADHD without the use of medication;

Reduces the behavior problems of children with other serious disruptive behavior problems such as acting defiantly;

Improves the behavior of children who exhibit minor behavior problems such as forgetting their homework;

Enhances the effectiveness of parents in handling their children’s behavior.

Child Behavior Problems at Home: Children with Disruptive Disorders (ADHD, Oppositional Defiant, and Conduct) and Those With Normal Behavior