At School

At School

After schools were randomly assigned to INSIGHTS or to a supplemental reading program, a multi-year evaluation was conducted. The results showed that:

Enhancing Academic and Behavioral Development of Children:

INSIGHTS improves children’s academic achievement by:

  • Improving their growth in math and reading skills
  • Enhancing their attention which helps students maintain focus on their classroom assignments
  • INSIGHTS also decreases disruptive classroom behavior problems, like acting defiantly when requested to comply with a teacher directive

On a Classroom Level:

INSIGHTS improves teacher’s emotional support of their students by:

  • Providing a more positive classroom climate, increasing their sensitivity to their students’ needs and having a higher regard for their students’ perspectives

In kindergarten classrooms:

  • Students showed more behavioral engagement

In 1st grade classrooms:

  • Teachers’ organization improved including classroom productivity, behavior management, and instructional learning formats
  • Students exhibited lower off-task behaviors such as fidgeting, getting out of their seat, or whispering to their classmates

Supporting Shy children:

INSIGHTS impacts on shy students:

  • Improve their mathematics skills, giving them a greater ability to use and apply numbers in measurement, computation, and problem-solving
  • Improve their critical thinking skills, which include skills like reflection, analysis, synthesis, and investigation
  • They are more engaged in their classroom such as listening to instructions and raising their hands more often during instruction