Insights Works!

Insights Works!

What does it mean when we say, INSIGHTS works? Although there are many ways to examine how interventions like INSIGHTS work, the gold standard is to conduct a randomized clinical trial. INSIGHTS has been tested in three federally funded randomized clinical trials. Our outcomes have been published in peer-reviewed journals and are available on this website.

We summarize some our findings below. But first, let me explain how we conducted our last randomized clinical trial that was funded by the Institute of Education Sciences (R305A080512):

• After baseline data was collected, 22 schools were randomly assigned to INSIGHTS or a supplemental reading program that served as a control group.
• The participants included 435 children in kindergarten and 1st grade, their parents, and 122 of their teachers.
• As shown in the following figure, we collected information on the children’s behavior and academic skills five times. Time 1 (baseline data) was collected in kindergarten before the schools were randomized into INSIGHTS or the control group. Then the children, parents, and teachers participated in an intervention, INSIGHTS or the reading program after which data was collected again (Time 2). At the beginning of 1st grade, we collected data (Time 3) and the intervention was repeated and then followed by data collection (Time 4). Then data was collected again at the end of 1st grade (Time 5).

Data Collection:

So here’s what happened to the children’s academic skills and behavior from the beginning of kindergarten to the end of first grade. The following graphs compare the children who were in control group (the red line) to those who were in INSIGHTS (the green line). Note the positive impact of INSIGHTS on children’s math and reading skills and on their attention. Also notice how the behavior problems of children in the control group increases while the behavior problems of children who were in INSIGHTS decreases.

Here’s a copy of the published paper that explain this study in greater detail.

We also examined how INSIGHTS work for children whose temperaments are high maintenance (like Gregory the Grumpy and Gretchen the Grumpy). You can see those results here.

….and for children whose temperaments are shy (like Coretta the Cautious and Carl the Cautious). You can find out about those results here.