Our Mission

Our Mission

INSIGHTS Intervention, LLC is a women’s owned small business whose mission is to provide evidence-based services that foster the social, emotional, and behavioral development of children. We do this by teaching parents, teachers, and clinicians to use temperament-based strategies to enhance the relationships they have with children and to expand their repertoire of effective child disciplinary strategies.

Core Principles of INSIGHTS Intervention

Children are born with a temperament that influences their perceptions and reaction to the world around them.

Every child desires to be understood and cherished.

Temperament does not easily change.

Social, emotional, and behavioral child development is enhanced when there is a goodness of fit – a match between the child’s temperament and his/her environment.

Temperament-based strategies assist parents, teachers, and clinicians in improving child behavior and enhancing the relationships of children with their adult caregivers and peers.

Children can be taught strategies that assist them to regulating their emotional, attentional, and behavioral tendencies in temperamentally-challenging situations.