The Program – For Parents

Parenting Workshops

The INSIGHTS Intervention Workshop for Parents is a four-week program that teaches parents how to recognize their child’s temperament/personality and then how to use strategies that reduce their children’s behavior problems and enhance their social skills.

Program content

Each 2-hour session will be conducted by a trained INSIGHTS facilitator with a group of 6-8 parents.

Session 1 Recognizing your child’s temperament

Session 2 Optimizing parental responses and developing a discipline plan

Session 3 Gaining compliance and developing a Cooperation Contract

Session 4 Appreciating that parents are people, too

The INSIGHTS Intervention Workshops for Parents are held in New Fairfield CT.  Contact us to discuss bringing the workshop to your community.


Parents say…

“I’ve changed my thinking and am now a calmer and more in-control parent.”

“Little by little, I am getting along better with my son. We still have alot of work to do with each other. The good part is that I know I’m headed in the right direction.”